When it comes to funerals there can be so many questions, and sometimes they seem difficult to ask. Here at Village Undertakers we try to make it as easy as possible for you, so feel free to browse some of our FAQ's, and if the question you want to ask is not here - please get in touch and we will endeavour to answer it as quickly as possible.

If you're wondering it - then someone else probably is too!

Anna asked: "When do I need to register a death by?"

  • In England and Wales all deaths should normally be registered within five days. Under the current Covid restrictions this is being done by telephone. Village Undertakers provide a guidance sheet with all you need to know about registering a death.

Mr Williams asked: "What happens to the persons personal
effects and jewellery?

  • At Village Undertakers we always ask what you would like to happen to your loved ones jewellery and personal effects. If you wish they may stay with the deceased or will be returned to you.

Stan said: "I haven't got a black tie. Should I go and buy one?"

  • Although black is traditional at funerals many people now think it is more important to reflect the personality of the deceased; this may mean that something colourful is more appropriate. Often people are asked to wear a particular colour which was a favourite of the person who has died.

Helen asked: "I really dont want a funeral. I have left instructions for a direct cremation. Do you provide this service?"

  • Yes, we provide Direct Cremations. There are some details on our website under the "Prices" tab - click on "Penyghent". We use a local crematorium unlike many of the companies who advertise on TV who use a national centre. You may also find it helpful to check the "Plannning Ahead" section on the website.

Debbie wonders: "When someone is cremated how do we know we get our loved ones ashes back? Are they cremated individually?"

  • Yes, all cremations are completed individually according to a strict national code of practice. Each cremation service has a unique identification number and a label which follows the deceased through the whole cremation process from the moment the coffin arrives at the crematorium until the cremated remains (ashes) are returned to the funeral director.

Katie asks: "Are flowers allowed with current Covid restrictions?"

  • Yes, flowers are still allowed at funerals. The only restrictions regarding flowers in Bradford Crematoria are that they should be handled by Funeral Directors staff only. Personal items such as candles or photographs are not allowed either.

Katie asks: "Are people allowed to choose their own music?"

  • Yes, the choice is entirely up to those who are arranging the funeral. The Funeral Director would sort this out for you. At the moment, due to restrictions which limit the length of time the services may take to twenty minutes, this would normally be two items, one for going in to the service and one for leaving. It is possible to have a piece of music to listen to during the service but this then limits the amount of time available to speak.


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